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Cracked Beam

We manage an old manufacturing facility of approx. 406,000 SF located in South Gate, CA. Much of the property was constructed in the 1920’s with bow-truss ceilings. It is not uncommon for the tenants to call us and report a cracked beam. Most often the cracks are simply due to the age of the building, weight of the roof and/or the continual shifting the ground. 


Over the last ten (10) plus years we have contracted with SPS Inc., a specialist in the repair and reinforcement of glue-laminated beams, wood roof trusses and seismic reinforcement.


This most recent incident occurred the week of July 19, 2021. It is critical when you spot a cracked beam to call a specialist like SPS, Inc. for emergency shoring until a permanent repair can be made.


Most often the beam can simply be replaced. In other instances, a section of the beam can be removed, replaced, and secured with steel plates.


This most recent repair was just under $14,000 to complete. If the beams in your warehouse are failing on a regular basis, then it is advisable to have them reinforced, which is less expensive than having them replaced.

SPS, Inc.

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