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Low Clear Buildings In High Demand?

We were recently awarded a listing for a 129,600 SF industrial building situated on 357,723 SF of land and were concerned with regards to the time it would take to find a suitable tenant. The building itself was grade level with 15’ of minimum warehouse clearance. The norm for a building this size is 30’ of warehouse clearance.


We were fortunate to secure ReadySpaces as a tenant. ReadySpaces creates a shared warehouse environment and will subdivide this building into 40+ industrial units. The units are perfect for a startup, small business or larger business needing overflow space. The new configuration negates the issues associated with the low ceiling height since it is rare you would stack higher than 12’ in a unit this size. Further, the tenant can operate a shared forklift and utilize the outside truck-well to load and unload the larger trucks.


At the end of the day, the lease transaction was a win/win with the owner achieving their asking price in a timely manner and ReadySpaces fulfilling a strategic location requirement adding to their portfolio of 17+locations.