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When To Make Structural Repairs

Structural repairs will only get worse if the needed repairs are delayed. Our team has assisted few ownership groups with structural repairs including cracked beams, sunken foundations and failing concrete walls. Step-1 depending on the severity of the issues immediately have temporary shoring installed. Step-2 is to engage a structural engineer for an assessment. Step-3 will be to have engineer create a set of City approved plans for the required for a permit to complete the repairs. Step-4 is to hire a contractor specializing this form of repair work.

Earlier this we noticed significant stress cracks on the wall encompassing one of the dock-hi loading positions. Originally, we thought the wall was damaged by the tenant. Come to find out the concrete was having a chemical reaction with the rebar causing it to fail. We ended up removing the panel and replacing it with cinderblock. After applying a good skim coat and painting the entire wall it now appears as one concrete tilt-up panel.

Thank you to Randy Scott, Project Manager with Kidder Mathews, Brent Blackman with Insight Structural Engineers and Amber Zamora with Concrete West Construction, Inc. Job well done!!